Top 10 Players with the Most Club Goals in History: Lionel Messi, Gerd Müller, Johnny Hayward, & More Feature

Top 10 Players with the Most Club Goals

Aside from Ronaldo and Messi, we know that goalscorers get the most accolades in every football match and I cannot but wonder who are the top players with the most club goals in history. Those who have stirred the most celebrated moments in the ninety-minute game.

Twenty-two players chase the ball for ninety minutes and of course, we see goalkeepers make brilliant saves, midfielders with excellent ball control, accurate passes, and dribbles. Also, we see some dynamic defenders interrupt opposing strikers from seeing the end of the goal line. But while these moments come and go, the euphoria that comes with the goal can’t be compared to anything in the game of football.

It is obvious that most people watch football just to know who scored and the hype is always centered on the goalscorers and sometimes goalkeepers score too. But does it mean they have more task than other players? of course the answer is no.

The truth is that the winner of any game is the team that scores the most goals. Likewise, the players with the most club goals are more likely to be remembered. Hence this post is about them – those that bring about the uproar in the game of football.

It is surprising howeever, that the most popular footballer and five time ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo did not make the list of players with the most club goals while his arch rival Lionel Messi came in at the fifth position in our ranking. Take a look below.

The Top 10 Players with the Most Club Goals

S/NPlayerClubNo. of Goals
1Gerd MüllerBayern Munich573
2Johnny HaywardYeovil Town548
3Fernando PeyroteoSporting Club
de Portugal
4Jimmy McGroryCeltic522
5Lionel MessiBarcelona499
6Metin OktayGalatasaray497
7Giorgos SiderisOlympiacos493
9Zeki Rıza SporelFenerbahçe470
10Tony HorsemanWycombe Wanderers416

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However. if the list is extended to the top 20, then we will have Cristiano Ronaldo come in at the sixteenth position with a total number of 359 goals for Real Madrid, that is eleven places below his Argentine long time rival. But the reason for this big difference in our ranking is because Messi have played in Barcelona althrough his football career in Europe while Ronaldo has played in four different top leagues across Europe.

Also, there is no club name from the English top division on the list, the reason is not far fetched. It is believed that the English Premier is one of the toughest and most competitive leagues in the world. This claim can be justified by a couple of factors. The first of such factor is because it is the league that is viewed by a larger number of subscribers.

However, Everton legend Dixie Dean ranks first on the list of players with the most club goals in English Premier League. He had scored a total of 383 goals while at Everton.

Second on the English list of players with the most goals is Liverpool’s legend Ian Rush with a total number of 346 goals for the reds.

While our list focuses on players with most goals for a single club, there are prolific strikers that have scored a huge number of goals playing for different clubs. Players like Alan Shearer, Theirry Henry, Ronaldo, Frank Lampard, Zlatan Ibrahimovich and a host of others definitely comes in this list.

Also, it is worthy to note that Dixie Dean is the player with the most goals for a single season, netting a total number of 60 goals. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored morre goals in UEFA Club competitions.

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