Ibrahimovic insists Ronaldo and Messi don’t have more quality, “I’m the best in the world”

Ibrahimovic insists Ronaldo and Messi don't have more quality

When the Lion roars the jungle goes into safety but that is not the case as Zlatan Ibrahimovic insists Ronaldo and Messi don’t have more quality than him. He believes that he is “the best in the world”.

Ibrahimovic claims have sparked so many reactions but the Swede is unapologetic about it. No doubt he is one of the spectacular players to consider when talking about football in the 21st century and though at the age of 39-years, the veteran footballer still scores like he is in his prime.

For over two decades, Ibrahimovic who has taken the title of the Lion with a huge head of a lion drawn on his back has been on the top of his career. The Swede ace has played for most European top clubs including AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Paris St-Germain, Manchester United, Juventus and Inter Milan.

In general, he has made over 700 senior appearances with a goal record of 484.

It is not surprising that Ibrahimovic claims to be the best, apparently, it is hard to find a player at his age scoring the way he does. In the 2020-21 season, the veteran striker scored a total of 20 goals in 27 appearances.

Talking about Ronaldo and Messi in an interview “If we are talking about intrinsic quality, then they have nothing more than me,” he told France football.

“If we consider trophies, then yes, I didn’t win the Champions League.

“I don’t know what criteria they use to decide who gets the award, because I am not obsessed with it. When a collective works, the individual inevitably benefits from that. An individual cannot do well if the team isn’t solid.

“[Do] I miss the Ballon d’Or? No, if anything it’s the Ballon d’Or that is missing me.

“Deep down, I think I’m the best in the world.”

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