The GOAT Index – How Oxford Math Professor determined the top 10 Greatest soccer players of all time

The GOAT Index - How Oxford Math Professor determined the top 10 Greatest soccer players of all time

Oxford professor of Mathematics has used the GOAT Index to determine the top 10 greatest soccer players of all time and the result meets the popular opinion of many football fans and critics.

Unsurprisingly, Portuguese Ace Cristiano Ronaldo emerged the number one according to the ‘GOAT Index’ as he scores a whopping 100% in rank against his age-long rival Lionel Messi who ranks at 94%.

Dr. Tom Crawford an Oxford Math professor developed the data algorithm known as the GOAT Index which he used to measure and analyze the individual success of soccer players. With this formula, he was able to answer the age-long question of “Who is the greatest soccer player ever?”.

According to Dr. Crawford’s GOAT Index analysis, each player is rated using seven categories which represent the following club titles, international titles, club goals, international goals, Ballon d’Or, personal records and Z-factor seasons.

While picking the top ten soccer players of all time, Dr. Crawford drafted a list of players who have won the Ballon d’Or at least twice and awarded each player points for each category.

Dr. Crawford GOAT Index record

The top 10 Soccer Players of All time

10. Johan Cruyff – 30% G.O.A.T. Index

Johan Cruyff is one footballer player that thrilled the World during his time as a professional player. The legendary attacking midfielder played for Ajax and Barcelona and holds a good record of achievements with these clubs. His exploits in the world of football extend to his time as a manager.

9. Diego Maradona – 31% G.O.A.T. Index

The late Argentine legend was a phenomenal player during his time as a soccer player. Though his career was jeopardized by his excessive lifestyle, he was a sensational player who led the Argentina squad to the 1986 World Cup final trophy. His records include 2 Italian championships with Napoli.

8. Michel Platini – 33% G.O.A.T. Index

Michel Platini had a successful career with Juventus where he won 2 league titles, an Intercontinental Cup, and European Cup. Platini won the Ballon d’Or three times and rates 33% according to the GOAT Index analysis by Dr. Crawford.

7. Alfredo Di Stéfano – 37% G.O.A.T. Index

Among other things Di Stefano is renowned for playing for three countries during his time – Argentina, Spain and Colombia. He is one of the best forward in the history of football. He scored 216 goals in 282 appearances for Real Madrid.

6. Marco Van Basten – 44% G.O.A.T. Index

Though Van Basten’s reign as a top player did not last as long as Maradona and Di Stefano, he had impressive career stats with 218 goals in 280 games. He won several titles while playing for Ajax and AC Milan. He appeared in only one World Cup tournament in 1990 before his career was plagued with injuries.

5. Ronaldo – 52% G.O.A.T. Index

Ronaldo was an intercontinental soccer star who won several awards and titles in Brazil, Italy, Spain and Netherlands. He was a highly sought-after goal scorer and one of the best in the history of soccer. He won the Ballon d’Or at a very young age of 22-years-old.

4. Ferenc Puskás – 57% G.O.A.T. Index

Real Madrid and Hungary legend Ferenc Puskás was a great goal scorer. He is one of the best forwards in the history of football and arguably one of the greatest soccer players of all time. It is not surprising to find him in Dr. Crawford’s top 10 lists of the greatest of all time.

3. Pelé – 85% G.O.A.T. Index

Brazilian legend Pele is one of the most decorated players on this list. The veteran won three World Cup titles. The Brazilian ace spent a great deal of his entire career playing for Santos in Brazil. It would have been more surprising if he had scored lower in this in Dr. Crawford’s analysis.

2. Lionel Messi – 94% G.O.A.T Index

For more than a decade, Lionel Messi has dominated the football scene. The Argentine forward has won many titles playing in Spain including 6 Ballon d’Or awards. He is considered to be the greatest soccer player alive by many football fans.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 100% G.O.A.T Index

The record-breaker himself has won more titles than most players on this list having played across the top-flight leagues in Europe and dominating the scoreboard with his sensational goals. He also has represented his national team Portugal very well and has scored 111 international goals, the most for any player in the history of football. No doubt he deserves the title of the GOAT.

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