Euro 2020 | UEFA charges England over Laser Pointing by fans during Semi-final win against Denmark

UEFA charges England over Laser Pointing by fans during Semi-final win against
image: NEWS18

UEFA charges England over Laser Pointing by fans after a photo surfaced online indicating green light of laser pointed at Schmeichel’s face just before the penalty kick by Hary Kane during the extra time.

UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings on the 7th of July and have charged England for this unruly behavior by the fans during the Euro 2020 semi-final match that saw England defeat Denmark.

Also, some supporters of the English team booed during the Denmark national anthem.

Consequently, UEFA is charging England for the following; disturbance during the Denmark national anthem, use of laser pointer, lighting of fireworks.

All of the offenses are alleged to have been committed by supporters of the English team.

Pointing the laser at Schmeichel during the penalty kick is regarded as a distraction, though the Danish goalkeeper blocked the setpiece from Harry Kane, the English Euro 2020 skipper scored the rebound that got his team the victory and sealed their place in the final against Italy.

The Euro 2020 semi-final match between England and Denmark was held in Wembley and it is obvious that the English team had more supporters in the stadium while the game lasted.

The English team was awarded a penalty at about the 103rd minute into the game, this was during the first half of the extra time, Joakim Maehle from Denmark had tripped Raheem Sterling inside the 18-yard box.

It was at this point that the issue of the laser came to play as seen from the video which prompted the charge.

Gareth Southgate’s men won the victory with two goals against the Danish team.

Of course, the disciplinary proceedings did not emanate because the Danish team lost the game, no, it is because excesses have to be checked in order to protect the game.

Football is currently the most-watched sport in the world with over 3billion people interested in the sport, therefore, it is only right to see that it is preserved and every form of abuse curtailed.

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